Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) Policy

We value our customers and treat them fairly by providing a professional service and sell them products that fit their needs.

We have placed treating customers fairly principles within our business and our service with the utmost importance and this is displayed in the way we carry out our daily business:

Our Business

1. Our business operations are motivated by the current and potential needs of our customers

2. We consider the impact of any changes to our business on our customers

3. Payments to our employees support the sale of appropriate products and services

4. The procedures within our business are reviewed regularly to ensure at all times our business treats    Customers fairly and employees receive training reviews when necessary

5. We always strive to achieve the best outcome for our customers taking into account the various elements within car leasing

Our Service

1. We explain key features of products and make sure that our documentation and advertising is clear, easy to understand and is not misleading

2. We design our marketing campaigns and literature so that the key messages are clear, balanced and useful for our target customer segments

3. We regularly review our sales activities to ensure that we are selling products and services that meet the needs of our customers

4. We will be impartial when recommending a product to our clients and the needs of the customer will remain key, as detailed in the Commission Disclosure Policy we may receive a commission or Volume Related Bonus from our Lender and a non-refundable processing fee is charged to the customer.

5. Where a customer complains about our service we treat their complaint seriously and our complaints procedure is followed, this procedure is clear and easily understood

6. We use data and customer feedback to improve our service.

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